Please pass on many thanks to Bernard and Phil for their advice, practical support and expertise in the delivery of a new photocopy machine to Gasped, which is saving Gasped several thousand pound per year from its previous contract.

Gasped has had several unsatisfactory experiences with photocopying organisations in the past, like falling out of the frying pan into the fire. Some organisations say they can save you money only to find out later hidden costs.

Clarity are not like that, they made promises to Gasped and delivered on those promises, they have been open, honest and transparent in their dealings with Gasped, helping Gasped obtain the best machine for its charity at the best price.

Gasped are also very grateful to Bernard and Phil on behalf of Clarity, for guiding Gasped through the minefield of changing contracts from what Gasped will describe as an unscrupulous photocopying organisation to Clarity Office Solutions.